Project Description

Rescue Eagle Ambulance Series

Providing healthcare in a water surrounded environment is a challenge. Every region is different and this can vary by reach, type of water, healthcare demands. Our ambulance boat series is 100% customized to fit all demands and budgets. The size can vary from 5 to 15 meters.

All our materials like aluminium or fibreglass are strong, sustainable, and light in weight making it easy to transport and use. We can produce all types of medical boats, from a small ambulance unit to a floating ICU all depending on your request. All types of boats will meet your required standards.

If you want to make healthcare more accessible in watery regions or if you want to reach out to remote areas we can help you find a suitable solution.

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A very important part is Training. Without the correct knowledge, your investment will not come to it’s right fully. It even can cause early defects and high additional costs, which are not necessary if you follow a training. Dutch Health provides training on every continent, where ever agreed on with the customer. User’s, maintenance and service manuals will be handed over and personell/crew will experience a fully guided training related to all basics of the boat.

Specifications and Requirements

Every customer has his own needs. Our specialty is to create an Ambulance Boat matching your specific needs or suitable for your available budget.
We will guide you in your quest and you will succeed!

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