Blood Donation Bus based in Isuzu Visigo

Four beds full operational blood collection bus with storage facilities.

Blood Donation Bus ISUZU


Blood Donation Bus Conversion including main items such as:

  • Blood mixer qty(4) – Genesis -USA Model CM 735A -Electronic blood pressure qty(1)-Welch Allyn – CONNEX 3400 -USA -Electronic blood pressure -Digital mobile trolley type Qty (1),Welch allyn- tycos-USA -Bio sealerQty (1)Ljungberg& kogelab- LORNE -UKModel CR4 -Blood refrigerator BL-100 (95L, Kirsch) -blood donor bed DACOR- USA- Model 5R5 Electric 220 v , 50 hz (blue) –
  • Generator
  • Waiting seats
  • Rest seats/bench
  • Table/desk
  • Stainless steel sink with goose neck
  • Flow pump and filter with heater
  • TV and DVD 20″
  • Cabinet for storage
  • Wall mounted sphymomanometer
  • Airco
  • Laptop 15,6″
  • Doctor Chair 360*
  • Technician stool (white,wheels, without backrest)
  • Fire Extinguisher 5kg+bracket
  • Needles (preferable vacutainer needles, size 20G to 22G
  • Vacutainer holder
  • Tourniquet
  • Disinfection swabs
  • Microspore tape
  • Adhesive dressing
  • Rubber gloves
  • Pillow or other support
  • Separate stoppers for opened vacuum tubes and non-vacuum tubes
  • Needle disposable box
  • Refrigerator (drinks) 80l

Blood Donation

Bringing Blood Donation closer to the people.

A project from the Ministry of Health in Jordan

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