Search, Rescue and Patrol Boat “Rescue Eagle 4 – 29 (9.28m)”

Design, manufacturing, delivery of 15 x Vessel (River Worthy) Search & Rescue Boats with Patrol Roles.

Project Description

The 15 x Search & Rescue Patrol Boats have been fully designed and manufactured by Dutch Health.

The Rescue Eagle 4-29 Fast Moving S & R Patrol Boat are built in the Netherlands; the Dutch craftsman is the backbone of this product. The boats have been delivered with state of the art accessories and engines. All Rigid Inflatable boats have been classified CE-B and we are complying with SOLAS classification for all our fast rescue boats. We supply these speciaized working boats already with 15 years experience.


Hull and fender: F.R.P hull, hand layup 10mm, grey gel coat, anchor compartment at bow with bollard, inox bow ring, 3 mooring points, inox protection strip at bow (option), self-draining non-skid deck, flaps at water outlet to prevent water intake, removable Hy-palon air tubes with 5 separate chambers (incl. pressure release valves) or removable PU closed cell foam tubes, 4 inox lifting eyes.

Principal Dimensions:

  • Length  : 9.28 m
  • Width  : 3.05 m
  • Draught  : 0.75 m
  • Speed   : 30 knots/ hour

Engine Characteristics:

  • Mercury 2 x 200 hp/ 149 kW outboard engine
  • Engine 6 Cylinders
  • Electric self-start
  • Alternator 12 V/ 60 A
  • Seawater Cooled


  • GPS plotter
  • VHF radio
  • Magnetic compass
  • Echo Sounder
  • 5-Switch waterproof panel
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Navigation lights
  • Auto bilge pump
  • Battery switch
  • Battery boxes
  • Search light
  • Infrared night vision camera

World Class SAR BOAT

Tested top speed of 37 knots results for rapid emergency intervention.

Floods, refugees, injureds and patients

Every kind of intervention within time limits, with sufficient nautical, emergency and medical tools for every possible mission

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