Training of RMG factory management on safety (2014-2015)
The safety problems in the Ready-Made-Garment (RMG) industry in Bangladesh arise in part from the fact that factory owners and managers are not aware of their role and responsibilities in addressing these issues. To address this situation, a training has been set up for the management of supplier factories of their member brands.

During the one day training management is informed about their responsibilities and is given the knowledge and the tools to address the safety issues in their factories regarding construction, fire and electrical safety. The training supports the ongoing inspection and remediation programs.

Over 300 owners, managers and engineers have participated in these trainings over the course of 2014 and 2015

Training of trainers for Young Union Leaders on safety (2015)
Part of the international programs to improve safety in the RMG industry in Bangladesh is the organisation of unions in RMG factories, and setting up of OSHE (occupational safety and health) committees. For these committees to contribute successfully to safety in the factories, it is necessary that union members understand the safety issues.

In 2015 training of trainers for Young Union Leaders in the RMG in Bangladesh was set up. In total 24 participants from 12 different unions were trained. Members from all umbrella organisations participated in the two-day training.

In this very interactive training, they were taught the basic principles of construction, fire, and electrical safety. They also received training in how to train others in these topics, using simple methods and tools, such as a building model of an RMG factory, made of water bottles and carton.

“ILO figures show 2.3 million men and women die every year from work-related accidents and diseases. An estimated 4 per cent of the world’s GDP is lost annually due to the costs of work-related accidents and diseases.” International Labour Organization (2015)

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