About us

Fair Production was founded in 2015. It operates as a not-for-profit initiative within Dutch Health BV, an Amsterdam based enterprise providing medical equipment and services to the Global South. Dutch Health has over twenty years of experience in international projects and with international organisations such as the UN and World Bank

Serv Wiemers, Director
+31 6 51575254
Having worked as a diplomat in China, advisor to the Dutch Minister for Foreign Trade and Director of The Hague Institute for Global Justice, Serv Wiemers has gained extensive experience in economic diplomacy, policy development and corporate social responsibility.

Erik Wiersma, Safety Expert
+31 6 43203290
Erik Wiersma has worked as assistant professor of the Safety Science Group at Delft University of Technology for nineteen years, in research and education. Since 2013 he is involved in the improvement of safety in RMG in Bangladesh, and has provided various training sessions over there.

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